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If you want to give abused and neglected animals a second chance at life, get in touch with us today. We support a range of animals from across the UK, including goats and sheep.

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At Horse and Farm Animal Sanctuary, our goal is to give horses and farm animals a second chance at life. We are a vegan run sanctuary who offers a safe, loving home to abused, neglected, saved-from-slaughter animals from across the UK, bringing them into the welcoming surroundings of our animal sanctuary. Along the way we have welcomed into our sanctuary a few horses that were in need of a forever loving home. We believe that every living being has the right to live a safe and free from harm life. We’re passionate about animal rescue, and the work we do is directly supported by people like you. Your donations and support help us to do great things, and we’re striving to do even more. Even small amounts allow us to do lots for these animals, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We have more than 20 years of experience in helping and working with animals. Call us now for further details on what we do and how you can help.