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We have 30 rescue hens along with 6 cockerels that live at our sanctuary, all the hens have arrived here at different times from commercial egg laying farms. Most of the hens when they arrive are missing feathers, they have been debeaked and their claws are all very long as they've lived inside a barn for approximately 18 months. Since being at our sanctuary all of the hens have bloomed, all their feathers are back and they've become brave and confident ladies who scratch around the ground and have dust baths. Our cockerels have come to the sanctuary from school living egg projects across the country they live happily along side all of our hens. 

If you kindly choose to sponsor our rescue hens monthly please contact us to arrange monthly donations. For your sponsorship you will receive a welcome letter, a photograph, along with a certificate and a twice yearly update on our hens and all of  their sanctuary friends. Your donation will contribute towards the feed and care of our sanctuary animals. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.