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Sponsor Bella, Blaise, Beka, Bliss, Bluebell and Bonnie

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These six beautiful pigs were born on Christmas day they were seen by a vegan activist when she visited a garden centre in Cambridgeshire, these pigs were being used for racing to entertain the visitors of the garden centre.
Throughout the summer months they were racing twice a day in the hot sun shine, once October came and they were no longer needed the garden centre had arranged for these six beautiful girls to be sent to slaughter. 
The vegan activist who seen these girls approached the manager of the garden centre and asked him whether she could find a forever home for the pigs once October came, the manager agreed that they could come to the sanctuary. Eventually the end of October arrived and it was moving day!
All the girls walked onto the truck a few were hesitant, probably nervous of what was happening, but they soon settled down sniffing around in the straw unknown to them that they were on their way to their forever home where they will live their wonderful lives in peace and feeling loved.
All of the girls are outgoing, smart, intelligent and very friendly, they spend their days happily rooting around the ground seeing what they can find to eat, munching on fruit and vegetables and enjoying the occasional head scratch.

If you would like to sponsor an individual pig then please let us know. 

Sponsoring our six girls monthly you will receive a welcome letter, a photograph, along with a certificate and a twice yearly update on their progress. If you would like to sponsor monthly please contact us to arrange recurring payments. Your donation will contribute towards the feed and care of our sanctuary animals. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.