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Yoyo is a bay, American Quarter Horse, he was one of the very first pony that came to our sanctuary. Yoyo is a loving and gentle boy who spent his life before he came to our sanctuary as a riding pony, unfortunately Yoyo suffers with arthritis he mainly suffers through the colder months, but he still has a trot around the fields. Yoyo has a field companion who is also an American Quarter horse called Rosie, Rosie was used as a brood mare for many years, but now they both are living happily within their herd.

If you kindly choose to sponsor Yoyo monthly please contact us to arrange monthly payments. For your sponsorship you will receive a welcome letter, a photograph, along with a certificate and an annual update on yoyo and his sanctuary friends. Your donation will contribute towards the feed and care of our sanctuary animals. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.