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Louise and Charlie Enfys

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Please meet Louise one of our rescued Friesian cows, Louise was heavily pregnant when she was rescued from a closing down dairy farm.
Louise joined our sanctuary family with another Friesian mum-to-be called Thelma, unfortunately both ladies were due to go to slaughter. They arrived at the sanctuary after an hours journey, as the truck drove onto the sanctuary fields we could see their noses through the open slates of the truck. Our Highlands were curious as to who the new arrivals were on the truck as they sniffed the air.
Once pulled up and open Thelma and Louise came off the transport into their forever home. Both Ladies were nervous and timid, Louise was and still is more braver than Thelma, and a bit more trusting.
Since being at the sanctuary Louise has gave birth to a beautiful boy called Charlie Enfys. Charlie is a curious, outgoing boy who comes over and sniffs our hands. He is very independent and wonders from his mom Louise to investigate his surroundings.
Every day Louise is getting braver and is trusting us more, Louise is a fantastic mom to Charlie Enfys and she trusts us with her son.
Louise is a lucky mom to have the chance to raise her calf in a sanctuary environment where they will both be loved, safe and free, just how it should be and Charlie Enfys will never know that his fate could have been a completely different story.

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