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Sponsor Star and Willow

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Meet Star and Willow our resident Thoroughbred horses, Star has come from a racing background, from only a few years old he was professionally racing. Unfortunately for Star the racing industry has failed him and he has been left mentally scarred. If a saddle is put on Stars back he gets extremely stressed and panics. Luckily for Star that will never happen here at the sanctuary and he can live a happy, carefree life with his companion Willow. Willow has participated in a couple of races herself, she now suffers with Navicular disease which is managed well. 

If you kindly choose to sponsor Star and Willow monthly you will receive a welcome letter, a photograph, along with a certificate and a twice yearly update about them and their sanctuary friends. Please contact us if you choose to sponsor monthly so we can arrange your sponsor pack. Your donation will contribute towards the feed and care of our sanctuary animals. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.